About us

About us



Photo on the left: Our warehouse in Frankenberg and from 1st March 2019 our head office 



With this page we want to tell you more about us, about our online shop and about the intentions of our business


Kreta-Agora:   What is the meaning of this name?


There is first of all Kreta - Crete (Greek: Κρ'ητη), the Greek Mediterranean island, a well-known and popular vacation place. It has to offer a lot more than a delightful landscape and several tourist attractions. Everyone who spent the vacation at least one time on Crete, has felt the 'Philoxenía': the friendliness and hospitality to strangers for which Crete is world-famous and which we want to maintain also in Kreta-Agora.

And then Agorá (the stress is on the last letter!) : This Greek word designates the central place of an ancient city where people met each other, exchanged news and where also the market was held.



Kreta-Agora:   What would we like to offer to you with our shop?


Many visitors of Crete learn to estimate the advantages of the Cretan kitchen and the Cretan way of life.

We would like to give you the possibility to enjoy this also here - wherever you are.

As a kind of 'ambassador of Crete' we want to be a place for you where you can get typical Cretan products and, more than this, where you can communicate with us about questions concerning Crete (for this reason see our page 'About olives and related issues').
Furthermore our knowledge of the native enterprises on Crete is an advantage for you.

At home in two worlds: Georgios Petsagkourakis originates from the proximity of Iérapetra in the south of Crete, Europe's southernmost city, and knows the manufacturers and suppliers personally. Since July 2013 we have a second main pillar in Crete: From Agios Nikolaos we take care even more intensively to find Cretan products of high qualitiy and to offer them to you. The shipment still is done from Germany: We import the products directly from Crete using a Cretan shipment company to our warehouse in Frankenberg near Chemnitz from where our colleague sends the orders. Therefore we can use the good prices and fast delivery times of our existing logistic partner DHL.
Though since the opening of Kreta-Agora in the year 2008 the head office was in Dietzenbach near Frankfurt/Main we moved our warehouse to Frankenberg/Sachsen by the start of 2017 where we found more spacious accommodation. In March 2019 we took the next logical step and relocated the head office there, too. 

We take care that our products are not made in mass production by big industrial enterprises but are manufactured in by family farms and small companies according to traditional procecedures.

Thus you do not find 'all world goods' in our shop as in every supermarket but leading products with top quality.


Kreta-Agora:   Which Cretan products did we select for you?


The olive tree is one of the oldest useful plants of the world, cultivated already thousands of years ago in the Minoan culture, the cradle of the civilization in Europe. Until today olive oil is a basic food on Crete as well as a selection of olives belongs to every good Cretan dish.

Since ancient times besides olive oil also wine is produced on Crete. We offer dry red and white wines as well as a sweet wine to you.

People to spend time on Crete know what is called there 'Raki': Tsikoudiá - a spirit from grapes, very mild and comparable with a good Grappa (not to be mixed up with the Turkish Raki or with Ouzo which both contain anise).

The plant world of Crete is - beside the olive tree - rich at pine trees and numerous herbs which are well-known and successfully used since ancient times. The honey which is won here is characterised by a high concentration of pine tree and in particular thyme and citrus blossoms. Purely natural and coldly spun, the Cretan thyme honey is an highly estimated delicacy.

The mountains of Crete supply many, since the antiquity well-known herbs which are used as tea (e.g. to the treatment of colds) or as spices (e.g. when cooking or for salads).


Kreta-Agora Delicacies:

The fine food products which find you in our shop are manufactured in traditional family businesses and processed after delivered prescriptions. They are unadulterated, purely natural and contain no chemical colours or preservative agents.

You can determine the renouncement of chemical additives:

- In such a way you see that our black Kalamata or Kalamon olives are not really black, but brown; olives become black only by addition of colouring material.

- Our sun-dried tomatoes have still their self-taste and their firmness resulted from the sun drying process because they are not put into marinade or salt water but in pure sunflower oil.

- The spice mixtures which we offer to you do not contain Glutamat or other taste amplifiers; good quality does not need support.



Kreta-Agora Natural skin care with olive oil:

Since the antiquity olive oil as well as selected herbs is used on Crete to produce natural care products. Everywhere in the world dermatologists recommend olive oil cosmetics to people especially with dry and sensitive skin.

The company APHRODITE in Iraklion/Crete is specialized in the making of care products of outstanding quality from extra virgin olive oill and selected herbs. They are highly compatible and possess above all an outstanding effect; they contain neither animal components nor animals are used as test objects within the development and the production process.

Since 2020 new in our range of goods: skin care products from company EVERGETIKON - pure natural cosmetics on basis of Cretan herbs and extra virgin olive oil with a touch of luxury.