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Kreta-Agora und BioAroma Herbal Products


 Important information for our customers who are interested in BioAroma products!

In 2019 BioAroma carried out a re-branding which is a re-alignment of the brand strategy strongly influencing our internet shop.

On one hand the packaging will change to be bio-degradable and therefore more eco-friendly as well as follow a strong corporate identity. Furthermore and more important all products will bear the certifications 'organic, vegan, cruelty free, gluten free'. Moreover there will be changes in the ingredients of the products and their usage, associated with changed prices.

The most important change for us in the context of the re-branding is the new commercial policy of BioAroma which demands that in future the products are available only in organic shops, pharmacies, hotel boutiques, spa centers and traditional product stores; it is not allowed by contract to sell BioAroma products via internet shops. The official website of BioAroma is the only one allowed for electronic commerce.

This means for us that our available stock of BioAroma products is offered but we will not get new products.

Below you fiind a list with all available BioAroma products !!!