Evergetikon natural cosmetics

Kreta-Agora und Evergetikon Natural Cosmetics


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The products of Evergetikon are 100% natural and pure as well as of great effectiveness.

They cover a widespread range of skin care products for face, body, hair etc. including essential oils and other natural oils.

Who among you knows and used already the cosmetic products of BioAroma will find in Evergetikon a first-class replacement of them.



Evergetikon face care

100% natural face care series for a gentle cleaning and for day and night care

Evergetikon body care

100% natural body care series with all products for daily cleansing and day and night care

Evergetikon hair care

100% natural hair care series with all products for the daily care of your hair

Evergetikon baby care

100% natural special care products for babies

Evergetikon sun care

100% natural sun care products

Evergetikon body oils

100% natural body oils

Evergetikon essential oils

100% natural essential oils

Evergetikon therapies

100% natural therapy products