You look for a uncommon and yet appreciated gift? What about healthy and tasty products from Crete?

On the following pages we present a few ideas for you:

- hand-crafted things made from Cretan olive wood

- handmade ceramics

- gift baskets and gift sets

- vouchers

Almost all our products are suitable for presents - take a few inspirations from a walk through our shop!



Made of olive wood

Hand-shaped from Cretan olive wood (all uniques): honey spoons, bottle holders, etc


Gift baskets

For your wellness

Wellness gifts

The company APHRODITE from Crete offers various gift sets which contain selected products from its different skin care series.


Decorationen for your gifts



And if you are not yet sure what kind of gift is better 'Better honey than olives, or even better a bottle of wine?' - we offer vouchers, too!!!