You can choose one of the following ways of payment:

  • PayPal  (without any fees for you as buyer)
    within the PayPal purchase processing you can use
    • your own PayPal account
    • your credit card
    • direct debit from your bank account
    • purchase on account (only for billing address in Germany!!!)
      Here you pay to PayPal, not Kreta-Agora and get the PayPal buyer's protection.
  • Amazon Pay
    With this option Amazon customers can pay in our shop very comfortably by using information which is already connected to their existing Amazon accounts. Details about these purchasings are not being transferred to Amazon.
  • Payment in advance (not possible for Switzerland)

Important for orders from Switzerland:

Due to the high bank fees for SEPA transers of whatever amount incoming from Switzerland we cannot accept this kind of transfers; we only accept PayPal transfer in case of orders from Switzerland. For technical reasons this is valid not only for Switzerland but  for all countries belonging to zone non-EU 1 ( see list below!).


Payment only in EURO possible - no other currency.

For payments from outside of the EURO zone please choose the payment methode 'Payment in advance' und transfer the money by using the International Money Transfer and the BIC and IBAN data which you will get within this payment method. Any fees must be paid by customer.

We have no minimum order value.



The costs of delivery are dependent on the weight of the products ordered and on the country to which the package should be delivered.

Important for customers in USA, Canada and other Non-European countries:
Due to the new tariff structure of our logistic partner DHL Germany we cannot offer shipments to USA, Canada, Australia or other countries outside of Europe as an integrated feature in our internet shop. If you are interested in shipping our products to these countries please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact form - we will find a solution!

The transport will done generally by Deutsche Post / DHL as DHL-Paket with the feature of tracking the status of it using the DHL shipment no. and the German website of DHL ( We will send this shipment no. by e-mail as soon as we enter the package into the DHL shipping software.

The package will be delivered to DHL within 3 working days after receipt of payment.

The average delivery time by DHL (according to DHL) is about

  • 2 working days at delivery within Germany
  • 10 - 15 working days at delivery to other countries, in particular cases longer

Our costs for delivery in summary:       prices in EURO
Important: Due to the exit of Great Britain from the EU the DHL charges a 'BREXIT handling surcharge' which we have to pass through to our customers. Therefore the shipping costs of Great-Britain are shown serately.  

until Germany Austria Zone EU 1 Zone Non-EU 1 Non-EU only GB
1,0 kg 4,90 12,80 15,00 18,00 22,00
2,0 kg 5,60 12,80 15,00 18,00 22,00
3,0 kg 5,60 12,80 18,00 23,50 27,50
5,0 kg 6,60 12,80 18,00 23,50 27,50
7,0 kg 8,70 12,80 20,50 26,00 30,00
10,0 kg 8,70 12,80 24,00 30,50 34,50
12,0 kg 13,40 12,80 26,00 35,00 39,00
15,0 kg 13,40 12,80 29,50 40,00 44,00
17,0 kg 13,40 12,80 30,50 44,00 48,00
20,0 kg 13,40 12,80 34,50 49,00 53,00
22,0 kg 15,90 12,80 ---- ---- ----
25,0 kg 15,90 12,80 ---- ---- ----
27,0 kg 15,90 12,80 ---- ---- ----
30,0 kg 15,90 12,80 ---- ---- ----

In addition DHL charges an additional fee due to the German Toll System for Heavy Goods Vehicles and CO2 of 0,11 € plus VAT (=0,13 €) per parcel which is not passed to our customers.

Zone EU 1:         Andorra, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia,
                           Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain,
                           Czech Republic, Hungary, Vatican City, Cyprus
Zone non-EU 1:  Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Moldavia, Monaco,
                           Montenegro, Norway, Switzerland, Serbia, Ukraine
Non-EU only GB:  Great Britain


Information  Delivery without charge for Germany and Austria:

If the amount of ordered products exceeds the exemption limits given below we pay the delivery costs; you pay only the price of the products: 

  • delivery within Germany   70,00 €
  • delivery to Austria             90,00 €

For the reason of the DHL priecing for delivery in other countries we regret that we cannot offer any other delivery without charge.


Information  Note about the tax:

All prices in our shop include the legal tax of 7% (reduced tax) resp. 19% (full tax). For customers from non-EU countries the price will be reduced by the tax as soon as the customer enters his/her address along with the country during the order process.


Information  Shipping of bottles:
We ship wines, spirits, oliveoil and other products filled in bottles using special cardboard boxes which are certified by DHL for bottle shipment. Therefore we have to charge packing costs of 0,60 € per bottle. Packing costs are part of the given price per bottle.