Olives Koroneiki vacuum

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Olives 'Koroneíki' in vacuum pack, 200 gr.

Ingredients: green Koroneiki olives, extra virgin olive oil, salt

Acidity regulator: citric acid

- without colour and preservative agents -


Nutritional facts per 100 gr:

Energy 158 kCal
Proteins 1,5 gr
Carbohydrates 0 gr
Fat 16 gr
   of which saturated
                   mono unsaturated
                   ply unsaturated
2,5 gr
12 gr
1,1 gr
Fibres 5,8 gr
Salt 4,3 gr

Koroneíki are the small olives which are cultivated in Crete only and from which the world famous olive oil is extracted. Since almost the whole crop is used for producing oil you will not find a large amount of Koroneíki olives on the markets for eating.



Allergens: Due to the production surroundig it might contain traces of sulphites, mustard seeds,selery, nuts and sesame

200 gr pack

Price per 1 kg: 18,50 €


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