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Kreta-Agora: Our offer to you

Since 2008 we, the Petsagkourakis family, offer in this online shop delicacies and skin care products typical for Crete. We attach great importance to best quality - no 'all-world-goods' which you can buy in every other shop; and since we import directly from Crete without intermediate trade our prices are well grounded.

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Here we are - for more information about us click on 'About us' in the headline!

Kreta-Agora Delicacies: Pure natural, without colour and preservative agents

Our delicacies are produced in Crete in traditional family businesses using old Cretan recipes, not in large firms. Since we know the companies of our suppliers personally we can be sure to offer you only the top quality products.


Kreta-Agora and APHRODITE cosmetics: Natural skin care with olive oil

Since ancient times in Crete olive oil - together with selected herbs - is used for natural skin care products. The APHRODITE company in Iraklion/Crete produces from extra virgin olive oil and natural herbs different skin care series and soaps of high quality and excellent effects.


Kreta-Agora and EVERGETIKON: 100% natural cosmetics from Crete

We are always aiming to find the best Cretan products for our customers. Our newest line of goods: Evergetikon, in English 'beneficial', offers 100% natural and pure skin care products on the basis of Cretan herbs with high pharmaceutical and cosmetic value.



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